How to do a plank

Top 10 Body Weight Exercises No. 10 – Plank


The plank is a fundamental core strengthening exercise can be done anywhere. The core is arguably the most important musculature for any athlete to keep toned and conditioned. Read on to find out how to perform them properly.

The core is arguably the most important musculature for any athlete to keep toned and conditioned


At Pete Fraser Fitness we advocate the use of body weight exercises. If done effectively this type of training brings into use many muscle groups, including the core, in a highly functional way and enhancing sport performance.


Primary muscles worked: Obliques, Rectus abdominis, Transversus abdominis.

Secondary muscles worked: Lower back, Gluteus medius.

Benefits: Develops strong core structures, especially abdominal and lower back areas. Improves the integration and coordination of upper torso and pelvic structures.

Good for: Any sporting movement, especially those involving the whole body, i.e. gymnastics or athletics – a must for any running based sport.

How to do it: …….

  • begin lying forward on the floor
  • place the forearms on the ground with hands approximately where the chin is
  • push the toes into the floor and raise up the hips until the shoulders, hips and ankles are in a horizontal line
  • hold this position for up to 3 x 60 – 90 seconds


  • when in position you should be looking directly down at your hands. This keeps the neck neutral and the arms in the correct position
  • keep the ankles at 90 degrees so the toes point directly into the floor
  • don’t forget to breath!!


  • lift off one limb at a time, hold for 5 seconds and replace – maintain hip alignment
  • as above with opposite limbs lifted simultaneously
  • lift one arm to the side and rotate the body – alternate
  • lift one knee up to the same side elbow – alternate

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