Top 10 Body Weight Exercises No. 3 – Handstand Press-up

The `Glory` Handstand Press-up

This movement requires a great deal of upper body strength to complete and is not for beginners. At Pete Fraser Fitness we perform this with our fittest clients, who enjoy pushing the boundaries and need a challenge.

  • Primary muscles worked: Pectoralis Major (chest), Trapezius, Deltoid medial, anterior and posterior (middle, front and back of shoulder), Triceps brachii
  • Secondary muscles worked: Abdominals and lower back
  • Benefits: Develops a strong upper torso, especially shoulders and arms. Improves coordination of upper torso and pelvic structures
  • Good for: Any movement involving pushing or pulling, e.g. punching, throwing or rowing

How to do it…….

Try it with a partner holding your legs or against a wall.

Kick up into a handstand against either a wall or partner ready to hold your legs. Keep the core gripped as this is as much a core  as an upper body movement. Begin from locked elbow position, core gripped, back flat and legs together. Flex both elbows until your head is as deep to the floor as possible then drive back up using shoulder and arm strength. Repeat for 3 sets of 8 -12 reps.

When finishing and returning to your feet, try and flex through the hips using the core to control and lower your legs slowly.