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Personal Trainers Mayfair | London

Pete Fraser Fitness trainers are exceptional exercise professionals. We cater for clients who require a greater level of expertise than other trainers offer. Here at Pete Fraser Fitness we think you deserve the finest, meet the team | Mayfair:

The Pete Fraser Fitness team are carefully selected trainers. They are highly competent professionals but also people with great characters and personalities. They will make your sessions great fun in addition to effective training workouts.

Personal Trainers Mayfair London

  • University qualified sports scientists
  • Highly experienced in personal training and coaching
  • Currently/have been competitive athletes to the minimum of National level

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Pete Fraser-Smith

Huw Owen is an exercise physiologist at Pete Fraser Fitness

Huw Owen

Kim Fraser-Smith at Pete Fraser Fitness

Kim Fraser-Smith

Personal Trainer Pete Fraser Fitness

Chris Hines

Alex Philip at Pete Fraser Fitness Mayfair

Alex Philipp