Fitness Q & A Surgery @ Pete Fraser Fitness

Fitness Q & A Surgery @ Pete Fraser Fitness


Available now… 15 minutes for £15 – Q & A session with a Pete Fraser Fitness sports scientist trainer


Meet our experts for a 15 minute, private Q & A face-to-face consultation in our Mayfair gym & tap into our expert knowledgepersonal training consultation


Your opportunity to talk to the best trainers in London & ask all your questions such as…

  • Worried that your running or lifting technique is incorrect but your trainer is unsure what to do?
  • Not sure what and how much to eat before a marathon?
  • Still feel lower back pain even though you’re working your core?
  • Worried about why you’re holding onto abdominal fat even though your working out 4 x per week?
  • Am I able to change my body shape and what’s the most effective method?

Ask our professionals the answers to these and endless more – boost your fitness with our know-how today!


What’s the offer?

Here’s your opportunity to tap into our extensive sport, health and fitness experience to help you improve your sport, progress your fitness goals or guide your health journey. Find out those special inside tips and techniques our expert trainers know to help you train stronger, perform faster and feel fitter.


Our knowledge base is unique

Pete, Huw and Alex, our three specialist trainers between them hold:

  • 6 exercise science university degrees
  • Numerous coaching qualifications
  • Nearly 70 years industry experience
  • Multiple sport competition experience to National & International level


How to book an appointment

Simply CONTACT US to book your private 15 minute consultation held at our Mayfair gym located just off Savile Row, London.

Weekly surgeries available:

  • Monday 13:30, 13:45
  • Tuesday 13:00, 13:15
  • Wednesday 12:00, 12:15

Cost: £15 for a 15 minute appointment  Payable by cash at the time of the appointment

Yours in health & fitness, the Pete Fraser Fitness Team.