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Top 10 Body Weight Exercises No.1 – Power squat

No. 1   Power squat

One of the best exercises for developing the leg and hip musculature with aerobic-strength and speed elements thrown in for good measure.  Pete Fraser Fitness trainers incorporate these within our clients circuits to develop strength and power in the legs.

  • Primary muscles worked: gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves
  • Secondary muscles worked: lower back, abdominals
  • Benefits: increased leg strength and power, aerobic-strength improvement, upper and lower limb coordination
  • Good for: any sport requiring leg strength and power, e.g. running and ball sports

How to do it…

Stand with feet shoulder wide apart.  Drop into a squat at or just below 90 degrees at the knee, keeping knees in-line with toes.  As you drop down, draw arms back behind the hips, then drive up explosively drawing arms forward. See how high you can get!  Land lightly onto toes and drop straight into the next rep.