Training Motivation at Pete Fraser Fitness

Myth Busters – Runners only improve by running more!


Time for a wake-up call! Running only produces minimal strength improvements. For improved running strength and speed you need to do specific strength training. Learn how Pete Fraser Fitness clients train to run faster, stronger and injury free.

Any type of endurance running employs mainly type I aerobic muscle fibres. However type IIa aerobic strength and type IIb  strength fibres help, especially on hill or quicker pace running or sprinting. Running will improve the cardiovascular system and efficiency of the aerobic fibres but will do little to improve the other fibre types. Therefore you are limiting your potential to run faster and stronger.


So to effectively improve your running strength and performance you need to strength train.  Specific strength training for running needs to include:

Strengthening for: core, legs, glutes and balance/proprioception

  • Lunges, squats, skipping, stepping, wobble board stabilizing and single leg squat

Specifics for deep abdominals, obliques, lower back, glutes (maximus, medius and minimus), quads (vastus medialis).  Also a small amount for the upper body.

  • Planks – front and side, swiss ball crunch, raised leg crunches, bridge, heal drops, press-up, chin-up or pull-down, dips.

By cross-training and incorporating resistance work you will make yourself a greater athlete. More on our newsletter.

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