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Amateur to athlete in 10 weeks – FINAL PHASE – Week 9


Welcome to week 9 of our – total fitness turnaround – amateur to athlete in 10 weeks – This is our final phase of the programme

Will Hersey, our “game” editor from Esquire magazine continues the 3rd and final phase or mesocycle of his epic 10 week fitness turnaround plan! His epic 10 week adventure has nearly turned him into the athlete we promised, guided by the Pete Fraser Fitness sports scientist trainers. It’s not over yet, the hardest and most grueling phase still has 2 weeks to run. With a special surprise at the end or the programme – watch this space!

Week 9

Need to shape-up for the beach, fast? Boost your fitness for sport? Or just eager to see how much fitness can be gained in 10 weeks? Follow our 10 week plan for total metabolic turnaround. This athlete training regime is not easy but it gets results – up for the challenge?

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Follow Will’s “real-time” Olympian scheduled training with Pete Fraser Fitness. View the PDF’s at the bottom of the page.

Amateur to athlete 10 week challenge

Will’s starting stats: wk 1, wk 4, and wk 7.

Pics: released at week 10.

Aerobic fitness

Amateur to Athlete Week 7 Aerobic Fitness stats

We say: Will’s resting heart rate and blood pressure have both reduced further as his cardiovascular system continues to become more efficient. His heart muscle has become stronger and his skeletal muscular biochemistry has adapted to the workload using oxygen and removing CO2 more efficiently. The aerobic fitness marker of V02max has significantly improved since our last testing at 4 weeks showing the benefits from his aerobic training at the correct intensity and duration.

Body shape and size

Amateur to Athlete Week 7 Body Shape and Size stats

We say: Will’s total body weight has reduced by a total of 1.9 stones so far, that’s a huge reduction in a short space of time! All his body circumference measurements have reduced and his body shape is far leaner and more toned as a result. The fact that his strength has increased but conversely his body weight and limb sizes have reduced show that he has a much improved proportion of fat free mass (muscle mass) and much reduced proportion of fat mass. Ultimately his power-to-weight ratio has increased.


Amateur to Athlete Week 7 Strength stats

We say: Will’s general strength has increased all round and his lifting technique is far improved and refined. We’ll see the final result in 2 weeks time.

Want to find out how the sports science trainers at Pete Fraser Fitness are turning Will into an athlete? Keep reading!

To the plan…

Week 9 – Nutrition – Essentials

What does this nutritional plan do for you?

“The nutritional plan is designed to support the requirements for the programme including: fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, energy needs and micronutrient provision. As a rule, the aim is to omit refined and processed foods and drinks as much as possible and to form a healthy eating pattern and provide correct quality and quantity of nutrients.”

Strike out:

  • Alcohol, sugary drinks, fruit juice
  • Sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sugar, cream and full fat products
  • White/refined: bread, pasta and rice

Keep in:

  • Carbs: brown/unrefined: bread, oats, rice, rice and oat cakes
  • Copious amounts of vegetables and salad
  • Protein: chicken, turkey, tuna, white fish, eggs, tofu, quinoa, couscous, lentils, beans
  • Water, lots of water, up to 3 ltrs a day and good quality coffee and tea if you must
  • 2/3 portions of fruit per day
  • Small amounts of nuts and dried fruit


  • Split the ‘keep in’ section into 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day. Carbs + protein at each meal except dinner where we omit carbs
  • Reduce carbs after approx. 15:00 hrs and omit them for dinner (“we didn’t say no carbs”) – You can read Will Hersey’s take on our carb stance here…carbs are good!
  • Exercise on an empty stomach (except 1/4 banana 15 mins before training)


With increased calorie expenditure during the final challenging phase we need to increase intake slightly – add 2 to 3 lunch meals of wholemeal paste and another daily small snack 45 mins either side of training. For example, try one of these before and after training:

  • wholewheat wrap, 2 oat or rice cakes with a thin spread of almond butter, chopped banana and sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 1/2  cup of fat free natural yogurt with a chopped banana, hand-full of dried berries and nuts
  • You can now start eating 2 cups full of cooked wholewheat pasta 2 or 3 times per week with for example: pesto, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts and a small drizzle of olive oil and seasoning. Still keep to the `no carbs after 3 pm rule`.

Click on the image below for a sample lunch menu

Pete Fraser Fitness 10 Week Nutrition Plan

Find out more about the Amateur to Athlete Programme


Week 9 – Exercise – Essentials:

Explosive strength phase – 3 week phase to increase muscular tone, functional strength and anaerobic fitness.

What does this explosive strength phase do for you?

“This is the final mesocycle, the climax of all training so far and we’re ready for explosive strength phase circuits and sprint intervals – the type of training that puts `the icing on the cake` or in our case, tone in the muscles!”

The C.V. system has become lactate tolerant and now it’s time to start anaerobic interval training to further develop the CV system – if you’re following the plan this type of training will not only increase your steady state run speed but but increase your running mechanics and running efficiency.

The functional strength circuits are explosive and intense helping you develop functional use of the complete body benefiting any sport performance. The use of the core during these circuits is an essential component and the earlier work we’ve completed in this area will now pay dividend.

Pete Fraser Amateur to Athlete Week 3



  • TUESDAY: run 10 miles @ 75 – 80 % heart rate max (HR max)
  • THURSDAY: anaerobic cycle sprint intervals 10 x 800 m @ 85 – 92% HR max
  • FRIDAY: active recovery x-train, swim, stretch, walk – 60 min
  • SATURDAY: aerobic cycle steady state, 20 m @ 65 – 75% HR max
  • SUNDAY: rest

(Use a heart rate monitor to guide exercise intensity. Train at prescribed % of HR max  above (HOW TO WORK OUT HEART RATE TRAINING ZONES: work out HR max: 220 – age, then calculate desired HR % training zone)

Body weight resistance circuits:

  • MONDAY: upper body explosive circuit @ 100% max effort
  • WEDNESDAY: lower body explosive circuit @ 100% max effort

Click on the image below to view the programme training cycles 

Pete Fraser Fitness Amateur to Athlete Part 2

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