It is the friendly feel…

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It is the friendly feel…

I was first attracted to PFF by its convenience – located round the corner from my offices – and its privacy – in a discreet little Mayfair mews building. It’s a far cry from most gyms you see today which tend to be noisy and hectic.

PFF offer a highly personal service. It is a tailored approach to each individual which works for me

I have been coming to PFF for 7 years now. Before this I had been a member of various gyms which I would be enthusiastic about for a while and then my enthusiasm would wane. Pete’s targeted and goal oriented approach to fitness has kept me motivated and the convenience has meant that I am able to incorporate training into my working week which I believe is the only way of ensuring long term results. I certainly feel fitter and healthier for it.

I actually look forward to seeing Pete and Huw which must be fairly unique for a gym albeit when I am in the middle of gruelling session I must admit sometimes I wonder why! It is the friendly feel of the place, the personal touch and the targeted approach which really works for me.

David Silverman Director of Investments, Derwent London