The team will become your friends as well as your motivation and support…

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The team will become your friends as well as your motivation and support…

I first made contact with Pete about 3 years ago. I was looking for a gym in the Mayfair area and the personal approach advocated by Pete’s website coupled with the great facilities in a friendly non- intimidating environment appeared a good fit for what I needed. On speaking to Pete for the first time I was struck by his passion for training and how he quickly understood my requirements and the best way to encourage me to commit to a programme and I was sold.

Pete is clearly passionate about training, both himself and his clients, and this rubs off in that you feel you are on a journey together. I have been impressed by the variety of the sessions that have been planned for me and that has meant that whilst challenging, training doesn’t get repetitive or boring. I have been surprised by what can be achieved if directed and encouraged properly and I take great pride in now being able to run and lift better than I ever expected, and for that I credit Pete and the team who have pushed but never intimidated me.

What I didn’t realise when I first came to Pete was how much of a family the team are and how friendly and encouraging they are no matter which of the trainers you work with. I have had sessions with 4 different trainers and each has their own style but the consistency of the Pete Fraser Fitness approach clearly underpins all sessions. I value this very highly as with my schedule I cannot always have the same trainer but I can always be sure that the trainer knows my needs and I will therefore have a good and worthwhile session.

I always expected to feel fitter, stronger and healthier, what is more important is that my mind-set has changed and I now feel more motivated and encouraged to work hard and want to continue to improve. I should also say that I am fitter, stronger, healthier and trimmer than for a very long time.

It is clear to me that working with a motivated and inspiring trainer is the best way of training properly. I used to go to the gym but never really pushed myself and didn’t do the correct programme. Pete and the team explain why I am undertaking any specific exercise and I have seen the results of training to a programme designed specifically for my needs. I highly recommend working with a trainer as the motivation to exercise is only enhanced by seeing results every week be it running further and faster or lifting more. I would add that the trainer is all important and in Pete Fraser Fitness you have a team of likeminded individuals who work with you so that you can get better and this will enable you to meet your goals and then go on to exceed them. I have been working with the team for 3 years and I am more motivated than ever to meet new goals, and it is a journey I feel I am on with Pete and the team and that is a great support and I am sure it will help me achieve more than I expected. Pete and the team will become your friends as well as your motivation and support and I cannot praise or recommend them highly enough.

Ajay Sharma, Senior Vice President, Heitman Investment Management, London