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Downstairs at Pete Fraser Fitness - London
Small group fitness
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Mayfair’s only specialist personal training gym

Hosted by university qualified sports scientists

Est. 2002




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MEET THE TEAM – Pete Fraser Fitness Mayfair

We are a unique and unrivaled specialist group of fitness and health experts

At Pete Fraser Fitness you will benefit from the most extensively trained and highly experienced fitness professionals in the industry. We are sports scientists and exercise physiologists trained at UK universities Our extensive experience is both broad and unique. 

All our exercise physiologists are:

  • University qualified in a sport & fitness science related degree
  • Highly experienced in personal training and coaching
  • Currently/have been competitive athletes to the minimum of National level

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Meet The Team

Pete Fraser-Smith Personal Training Biomechanics Fitness Health

Pete Fraser-Smith

Pete founded Pete Fraser Fitness in 2002 in Harley Street, London, then established the current exercise…

Kim Fraser-Smith at Pete Fraser Fitness

Kim Fraser-Smith

Kim is a company director of Pete Fraser Fitness and associate personal…

Huw Owen is an exercise physiologist at Pete Fraser Fitness

Huw Owen

Huw has 30 years industry experience ranging from University lectureship, health club and private training centre…

Alex Philip at Pete Fraser Fitness Mayfair

Alex Philipp

Alex has 10 years industry experience from military service, sports science and athletic…

Personal Trainer Pete Fraser Fitness

Chris Hines

Chris has over 23 years industry experience ranging from personal training both in the UK and New Zealand. His Sports Science….


Client relations and general stress relief.  The real reason clients decide to patronise Pete…