Personal Training Gym Mayfair

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pete Fraser Fitness different to other personal training companies?

Pete Fraser fitness is a boutique personal training centre with `personal` at the centre of our service. We look after a small number of clients to a high standard and make each one feel part of the family – and we try and have some fun while we do it.

Why are Pete Fraser Fitness trainers different to others in the industry?

Unfortunately most trainers in the industry hold minimal qualifications and lack any length of experience. At Pete Fraser Fitness all our trainers are University qualified to the minimum of Batchelor degree standard in a sport science degree, hold the minimum of 10 years industry experience and have competed at their chosen sport. Pete Fraser Fitness also specialises in medical exercise for post-operative care and corrective exercise. These unique credentials assure our clients they are in good hands.

Can Pete Fraser Fitness take care of all of my fitness needs?

Our facilities and experience allow us to develop the type of training and progression which is appropriate for your needs, fitness levels and targets. We can improve your performance within your chosen sport or start building the foundations for a complete beginner. We can improve specific elements of fitness: strength, flexibility or endurance, or build the whole package together. We also specialise in medical related exericse namely post-operative orthopaedic care and posture correction.

Does Pete Fraser Fitness provide classes?

We are a specialised personal training only operation so unfortunately do not provide classes.

Do I need to be fitter before I start personal exercise training?

Not necessarily. We can show you how to progress the smart way and avoid injury. A common mistake clients make is that they need to build a base of fitness prior to starting an instructed regime with us. Pete Fraser Fitness will quickly progress your fitness from any starting point, complete beginner to amature athlete. Prior fitness is not essential.

What is the cancellation policy and conditions of sale?

Nothing makes us happier than when clients/patients make their sessions and achieve great results. We allow changes or cancellations with the minimum of 24hrs notice prior to the session time, after this time full payment must be made. 

  • Advance block purchase must be made before the first session date
  • Block purchases valid for 3 months from purchase date
  • Single session bookings must be settled in full prior to booking day/time