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Private Fitness Training Cotswolds

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Private fitness training Cotswolds – instructed by Pete and his team of sports scientists and exercise physiologists –  fitness professionals far more competent and capable than regular personal trainers.

Our extensive experience and knowledge base is available to you in your Cotswolds home, work or outside space.

Our clientele ranges from International Royalty to the wealthiest and most powerful people in the UK but all clients benefit from the same quality service.

The Pete Fraser Fitness method is available to all our clients and members. Find out how you can benefit from the greatest knowledge base in the industry contact us

Private Fitness Training Cotswolds

Our exercise physiologists hold the greatest knowledge base in the industry, they are/have been competitive athletes.

We inspire our clients with our passion for sport, health and fitness. Our own participation in sport over many years helps us understand your fitness journey, whether you’re a competitive athlete or complete beginner.

We will focus on your achievement and progression with consistent and excellent service.

Pete Fraser Fitness exercise physiologists are the most effective drivers for your fitness or health journey.

Pete Fraser Fitness Cotswolds

Exercise Therapy

Private Fitness Training Cotswolds

Specialists in orthopaedic rehabilitation and progressive movement therapy.

Restore your full health, pain free movement and vitality for life.

Our techniques work to gently restore normal, pain free joint movement by correcting misalignment and imbalances. Gentle and progressive dietary changes and cardiovascular improvements will further develop improved wellbeing and vitality.

Our methods are scientific, proven and of long term benefit.

We also provide:

  • Injury prevention (known as prehabilitation) – Stop an injury developing before it starts and improve sport performance and health
  • Rehabilitation – Recover to full fitness and sport post-injury
  • Massage and soft tissue release – Improve muscular functioning and reduce injury risk
  • Pre-natal fitness – to support and maintain expectant mothers health safely
  • Nutritional guidance – Develop the correct fuel plan to improve fitness, sport performance and health
Exercise Therapy | Cirencester | Cotswolds

Amateur to Athlete

The ultimate 10 week turnaround fitness and health programme.

The closest you are likely to get to a professional athlete’s training regime and the closest you will feel to an athlete’s fitness level.

This accelerated 10 week total turnaround programme is the ultimate fitness, health and nutrition package available in the UK: a comprehensive and intensive programme covering all aspects of diet and exercise, expertly trained and guided by our specialist sport scientist trainers – currently only available in our Mayfair gym or online.

Pete Fraser Fitness services - Amateur to Athlete Programme