Read what our clients think of Pete Fraser Fitness, an exclusive and discreet, personal and private gym in the heart of Mayfair, London

The team will become your friends as well as your motivation and support…

I first made contact with Pete about 3 years ago. I was looking for a gym in the Mayfair area and the personal approach advocated by Pete’s website coupled with the great facilities in a friendly non- intimidating environment appeared a good fit for what I needed. On speaking to Pete for the first time I was struck by his passion for training and how he quickly understood my requirements and the best way to encourage me to commit to a programme and I was sold.

Pete is clearly passionate about training, both himself and his clients, and this rubs off in that you feel you are on a journey together. I have been impressed by the variety of the sessions that have been planned for me and that has meant that whilst challenging, training doesn’t get repetitive or boring. I have been surprised by what can be achieved if directed and encouraged properly and I take great pride in now being able to run and lift better than I ever expected, and for that I credit Pete and the team who have pushed but never intimidated me.

What I didn’t realise when I first came to Pete was how much of a family the team are and how friendly and encouraging they are no matter which of the trainers you work with. I have had sessions with 4 different trainers and each has their own style but the consistency of the Pete Fraser Fitness approach clearly underpins all sessions. I value this very highly as with my schedule I cannot always have the same trainer but I can always be sure that the trainer knows my needs and I will therefore have a good and worthwhile session.

I always expected to feel fitter, stronger and healthier, what is more important is that my mind-set has changed and I now feel more motivated and encouraged to work hard and want to continue to improve. I should also say that I am fitter, stronger, healthier and trimmer than for a very long time.

It is clear to me that working with a motivated and inspiring trainer is the best way of training properly. I used to go to the gym but never really pushed myself and didn’t do the correct programme. Pete and the team explain why I am undertaking any specific exercise and I have seen the results of training to a programme designed specifically for my needs. I highly recommend working with a trainer as the motivation to exercise is only enhanced by seeing results every week be it running further and faster or lifting more. I would add that the trainer is all important and in Pete Fraser Fitness you have a team of likeminded individuals who work with you so that you can get better and this will enable you to meet your goals and then go on to exceed them. I have been working with the team for 3 years and I am more motivated than ever to meet new goals, and it is a journey I feel I am on with Pete and the team and that is a great support and I am sure it will help me achieve more than I expected. Pete and the team will become your friends as well as your motivation and support and I cannot praise or recommend them highly enough.

Ajay Sharma, Senior Vice President, Heitman Investment Management, London 23rd July 2015

It is the friendly feel…

I was first attracted to PFF by its convenience – located round the corner from my offices – and its privacy – in a discreet little Mayfair mews building. It’s a far cry from most gyms you see today which tend to be noisy and hectic.

PFF offer a highly personal service. It is a tailored approach to each individual which works for me

I have been coming to PFF for 7 years now. Before this I had been a member of various gyms which I would be enthusiastic about for a while and then my enthusiasm would wane. Pete’s targeted and goal oriented approach to fitness has kept me motivated and the convenience has meant that I am able to incorporate training into my working week which I believe is the only way of ensuring long term results. I certainly feel fitter and healthier for it.

I actually look forward to seeing Pete and Huw which must be fairly unique for a gym albeit when I am in the middle of gruelling session I must admit sometimes I wonder why! It is the friendly feel of the place, the personal touch and the targeted approach which really works for me.

David Silverman Director of Investments, Derwent London 24th July 2015

Highly professional yet relaxed approach…

I was recommended to Pete Fraser Fitness by a peer I respect in business. During the introductory session I appreciated the highly professional yet relaxed approach to personal training.

The entire experience is very bespoke. The studio is located in a central yet quiet mews. Everything is unhurried and low key. Peter and his team are very experienced personal trainers and that is instantly clear. In my experience, prior trainers have gone for too much too soon. Those sessions were too challenging to be enjoyable and became chore like. Peter and his team have a gradual, steady approach which brings cumulative and sustainable results.

I attend for a weekly session and then do the ‘homework’ Peter gives me. The result is that I feel fit and I want to stay fit.

Pete Fraser Fitness offers professional, customized personal training for busy people. The service is highly individualized, the trainers are personable and the experience enjoyable. I recommend highly.

Bill Benjamin Senior Partner, Area Management, London 24th July 2015

I am quite asthmatic…

Through a recommendation. Liked the idea of a one to one in a smaller and more private gym.

The attention to detail and the way a routine could quickly and easily be adapted for my personal needs and aspirations. Pete quickly worked out what I could do and wanted to do. Good vision.

I am quite asthmatic which is much improved through specific C.V. work. I have also suffered from a shoulder injury and again with good treatment from Pete I am much better. I feel much healthier.

Focused, dedicated, fun and personal. Pete is a real people person.

Paul Williams CEO Derwent London 24th July 2015

I am impressed by the caring service…

Private gym, one on one service, operated and manned by Pete & Kim.

I am impressed by the caring service and the quality of the training. You feel your health and progress is at the heart of Pete and his team.

I’m physically and mentally healthier and fitter plus it's improving exponentially.

My years of training at Pete's gym has dramatically changed my life. I feel like it's been an incredible injection of youth and well-being.

Michel Birkenwald Gemmologist, Graff Diamonds, London 24th July 2015

I was unable to run for four years…

I was first attracted to Pete Fraser Fitness because of the central location. I very much liked the idea of a smaller intimate gym with one to one instruction.

The service is second to none - I have every confidence that I am in safe hands as Pete has a wealth of experience behind him and really ‘knows his stuff”, especially where rehab is concerned.

When I first joined, I had not been able to run for four years because of a knee problem, which could have resulted in surgery. However, with the help of Peter and his rehab techniques I was running again within three months. This was something I never expected. The benefits for me are not just from a fitness angle but also from a psychological point - he is often a sounding board and this really helps me relax and unwind.

It is great for one who needs personal and individual attention. During one’s session he is 100% focused on you.

Daniel Hersheson Founder, Daniel Hersheson Enterprises, International. 24th July 2017