Read what our clients think of Pete Fraser Fitness, an exclusive and discreet, personal and private gym in the heart of Mayfair, London

Helped in my recovery…

Pete is a highly skilled fitness professional who provides a great work-out environment at Coach & Horses Yard.

Most recently he has helped in my recovery from knee replacement surgery with a carefully structured rehabilitation regime. I lead a hectic life but it’s vital to find time for exercise – and Pete’s flexible approach makes it possible. So it's top marks for a top team – and a great dog!

John Burns Chairman Derwent London 12th December 2017

Bespoke and personal service…

The fact it was a small local gym offering a bespoke and personal service.

The intimate and friendly approach/ not a typical gym.

I joined with a nagging lower back problem I had suffered for over two years which was cured within four months with sensible core strengthening exercise.

The PFF service is epitomised by Peter himself.
Peter offers a user friendly service backed up by excellent technical expertise.
It's fun too!

Simon Silver Co-founder and Development Director, Derwent London 24th January 2018

I usually hate going to the gym…

It’s personal – and one to one – sometimes there is one other person but it feels very personal and almost private with no one looking at you while you train.

I usually hate going to the gym and don’t normally last longer than about 4 weeks, I have nearly done a year and now don’t feel myself if I have not worked out – Peter has certainly changed something in me – he had a very `softly softly` approach that didn’t make me run away

My body shape has changed, I have a reduced amount of body fat and I feel alive again

If you have always hated going to the gym then this will totally change your opinion –speaking to Peter whilst on the treadmill is somehow a strange form of therapy.

Luke Hersheson Co-founder & Creative Director, Hershesons, International 24th March 2018

I was not pushing myself enough…

I first came to Pete Fraser Fitness because I needed to get more from my fitness regime. I was not pushing myself enough and hence the results were not forthcoming. Having used personal trainers at larger gyms before, I was attracted by the idea of a small gym with a personal level of service.

I found Pete to be highly professional and knowledgeable. Having sustained a back injury, he was able to adapt my training in line with my physiotherapy. I was able to continue exercising, something I probably would not have had the confidence to do on my own.

There is no doubt that my level of fitness has greatly improved and I am delighted by the muscle definition I have gained – the triceps dips have paid off! I am also much more confident using free weights which means I can keep up with my regime even whilst travelling.

Pete Fraser Fitness stands out for its professional and friendly service. Pete’s total expertise in fitness and rehabilitation is in my opinion second to none.

Geri Asset Manager, Mayfair, London 24th April 2018