Top Exercise Tips for 2022

Top Exercise Tips for 2022

Top Exercise Tips for 2022

What is the best way to train for health, for fitness and for a happier life?

Questions you may be asking yourself:

  • What is the best type of exercise regime to start?
  • What about diet?
  • Do I need to go to a gym?
  • Do I need to lift weights?
  • What is the best way to exercise my heart?

With 2022 now upon us we are all thinking about our health, perhaps now, more than ever. With so much information available to beginners and the initiated alike, we need to try and navigate through the useful info and all the simply useless stuff!

Luckily Pete Fraser Fitness trainers are qualified scientists, armed with best practice methods, techniques and decades of experience.

With so much fitness and health info available, it is difficult to know what is correct and what is not…

There are some basic ideas, some common sense thinking and some sound advice which should not be overlooked when thinking about your new health and fitness regime.

Let’s give you some gospel snippets to remember…

Read on….


Top Exercise Tips for 2022

As a responsible health and fitness service provider Pete Fraser Fitness suggests that any health or fitness concerns individuals may have should be highlighted in the first instance with a medical practitioner prior to undertaking any level of activity.

What is the best type of exercise regime to start?

As with every aspect of the body, it is all about balance. The same is true for the types of exercise chosen to condition it. There needs to be something of each of the following components:

  • CV for metabolic and heart/lung health: walking/jogging, swimming, cycling for at least 3 x 30 mins per week
  • General strength type circuits or comparable strengthening activity (digging the garden, cleaning) 2 x 30 mins per week
  • Stretching and mobilizing: moving the body incorporating all major limb joints every day for 5 to 10 mins

If all of these components are incorporated you are well on your way to a comprehensive exercise regime.

What about diet?

As with exercise it really is simple. As my university nutrition professor used to say, “proper nutrition is as simple as: balance, moderation and variety“.

It really is that simple. If we all ate a variety of foods in the proportions of the food guide pyramid, also factoring in daily calorific allowance, there would be very little obesity!

There are some other well know golden nuggets to follow such as:

  • Maintain correct hydration, intake approx. 1.5ltrs water per day
  • Eat unprocessed and whole grain foods as much as possible
  • Reduce intake of white and processed foods
  • Eat small and regularly
  • Follow the GI theory as far as possible (a useful idea with good scientific background)

Do I need to go to a gym?

The honest answer is no. Although you may benefit from the guided movement patterns of some strength machines if you are a beginner or have specific needs. Counter to popular belief, a good level of strength and conditioning can be perfectly well achieved by using your own body weight. The only catch is you need to know a balanced regime of exercises to follow to achieve that.

Do I need to lift weights?

Not specifically. As suggested above, your body weight is really all you need to build up some basic strength and stability in the musculoskeletal structures. Although it should be said that resistance training with external applied resistance like machines, bars and bands does certainly have a place within conditioning the body.

What is the best way to exercise my heart?

CV fitness is arguably the most important component of fitness and has far ranging benefits for our physiological processes and musculoskeletal structures. We should all try and raise our heart level to the point at which our breathing is somewhat laboured every day for at least 15 mins. Regular low level training such as walking is ideal for maintaining heart and lung health. 

Just apply a few of these basic principles to your life and your body will love you for it! Enjoy the panacea of exercise.

Here’s to a fit and health 2022 for everyone.

Top Exercise Tips for 2022

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