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Top Bodyweight Exercises: No. 5 – Curling Press-up

Curling press-up

This is a challenging movement – the curling press-up – is based on an isometric and rotating press-up. It’s an excellent functional exercise for strengthening the superficial and deep abdominal musculature, both sets of obliques and much of the upper torso and hip area.

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Which muscles does the curling press-up work?

  • Primary muscles worked: Pectoralis Major (chest), Trapezius, Deltoid medial, anterior and posterior (middle, front and back of shoulder), Triceps brachii, obliques, transversus abdominis
  • Secondary muscles worked: Rectus abdominis, lower back musculature, glute medius

What does it do for you and your sport?

  • Benefits: develops a strong upper torso, especially shoulders and arms. Improves coordination of upper torso and pelvic structures
  • Good for: any movement involving pushing or pulling, e.g. punching, throwing, rowing and running

How to do it:

  • Start in a standard press-up position – see our previous press-up blog…how to do a proper press-up
  • Here is where the isometric (muscular contraction with no movement) bit comes in – hold the bottom part of the press-up where your chest is hovering 10/20 cm above the ground
  • Staying low, concertina the upper and lower body towards each other by flexing the knee and hip on one side of the body – imagine you want to kiss your knee!!
  • Return back the start point (without lifting back up from the 10/20 cm level) and repeat on the other side – repeat for up to 10/15 times on each side