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Top 10 Body Weight Exercises No. 4 – Skipping


This is a CV strength – endurance exercise excellent for a range of sport specific cross training integration and for general training. At Pete Fraser Fitness we include skipping in our clients` routines to add variation to an aerobic circuit and improve calf and ankle strength.

Find out more about why skipping is in our top 10 list and how it benefits your training.

Primary muscles worked: gastrocsoleus complex (calfs), quadriceps, glutes.

Secondary muscles worked: hams, transversus abdominis, obliques, deltoids.

Cardiovascular system is also worked at a strength-endurance level.

Benefits: develops strong ankle and foot musculature. Improves lower limb coordination and proprioception.

Good for: General sporting movement and fitness. Especially beneficial for boxing/martial art footwork, technical, trail or fell running.

How to do it: …….

That’s a tricky one, the best thing to do is start with a rope the correct height and weight (see manufacturers’ guidelines on how to shorten). Personally we like the slightly heavier leather rope with a bit more weight. Begin by getting the feel of the rope weight by swinging the rope in circles just on one side.

  • Start with slow, single jumps keeping the knees soft, the hands just away from the body at hip height
  • Keep on the toes with feet together
  • Use the wrists to maintain rope momentum
  • Try not to whip yourself on the back of the head and swear too loudly!
  • Happy skipping

You can see a video of Pete having a bit of fun skipping on our Instagram: