The secret to weight loss

The secret to weight loss

The secret to weight loss


Want to lose weight? The most common goal clients usually have is weight loss. Do you want to learn the secret to weight loss?

The secret to weight loss

The world of health and fitness is littered with myths, legends and uncertainty. Methods are often as far from science as possible. People seeking to lose weight (or more correctly body fat) often do manage changes through diet and/or exercise but find the method unsustainable and pile the fat back on.

The true secret is not glitzy but it is 100% science based and if followed will guarantee success and sustainability.

The exercise physiologists at Pete Fraser Fitness, Mayfair provide you with the weight loss secret knowledge.

Bring forth the secret of weight loss


Thou shalt not eat all the pies

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Yes, gluttony is a sin! Well, not only that, eating too many calories without expending them though exercise throws one into a positive energy balance. Therefore we gain weight/body fat. If we all understood this simple equation there would be far fewer obese people. Let’s all be clear, obesity is not a natural or healthy physiological state.

So how do you lose weight?

The secret to weight loss

The following equation is the secret to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight and it’s as simple as this:

Energy in – energy out = energy balance

There it is! The secret to weight loss.The equation is all you need to know to arm you with the knowledge to lose weight. It is nutritionally and physiologically correct and is the scientific basis of any genuine weight loss method.

In words the equation means: the amount of calories consumed (not just unhealthy foods but healthy too, 99.9% of foods and liquids have a calorific content) minus amount expended by general bodily processes (but importantly) also exercise equals your energy balance.

So here are the two outcomes from the equation for the majority of individuals in normal health:

  1. Eat less calorific foods and complete more exercise and you will be in negative balance, therefore lose weight.
  2. Eat calorific foods beyond requirements and perform limited exercise results in a positive energy balance and funnily enough, weight gain.

There it is, the simple but scientifically accurate secret to fat weight loss. No special potions or crazy fasting regimes.

Most people are sedentary and need to greatly reduce their calorific intake to maintain a healthy body weight. 1500 kcal for an adult female and not more than 2000 kcal for an adult male. (Unless your activity levels expend greater calories) there is no reason why calorific intake need exceed these levels.

Excess calories consumed to requirements will be stored as body fat.

It is also very important to understand roughly how many calories are in foods to make an informed decision on menu choice. At Pete Fraser Fitness we try to educate our clients about the calorific content of different foods, individually and in accumulation. Also importantly how long calories take to expend.

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The secret to weight loss is often understood more readily when people understand how much effort is needed to expend calories through the effort of exercise.

To give some context, a mars bar (heaven forbid people eat them) has appox. 200 kcal energy content (mostly from sugars). If these calories are beyond requirements, to expend them a 74 kg individual would need to either walk at 3.5 mph for nearly 32 minutes or run at 6 mph for nearly 13 minutes.

Most people tend to over-consume calories and live sedentary lifestyles. It is simple to see where they are going wrong. If you want to lose body fat weight, apply the secret to weight loss.

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