The Great British Personal Training Whitewash - Industry Secrets

The Great British Personal Training Whitewash – Industry Secrets

The Great British Personal Training Whitewash – Industry Secrets

At Pete Fraser Fitness Mayfair, we ensure our clients receive the best possible PT’s available. We want you to receive the same. How can you tell if your PT has the credentials they say they do? We disclose personal training industry secrets.

Read on….

Here are some questions that PT clients really should consider to make sure they will get the most from the time and money investment they will make in their health:

  • Is your PT as well qualified as they say they are?
  • Do you, the client, understand your PT’s qualification/s and are they best suited for your needs?
  • What qualities in addition to great qualifications should you expect your PT to have?

Many personal trainers and PT companies market themselves as the best, suggest they are market leaders or indeed World Class..! But if you look underneath the surface, you may see the trainers are sometimes not as high quality, qualified or experienced as they suggest they are.

Let us tell you why….

The Great British Personal Training Whitewash – Industry Secrets

Intro to the PT industry

Fitness facilities turnover around 2bn a year and personal training is an increasingly large proportion of this turnover figure. Therefore PT is worth many millions of revenue to local authorities, institutions and private companies.

Over the last 10 years there has been an explosion of PT’s in the sector, all offering their services at various pricing levels.

What has also occurred (not surprisingly) is a corresponding explosion of PT course providers. What may be a surprise to clients is that the industry is completely unregulated and PT course standards vary hugely. Unfortunately the quality and experience of PT’s also varies hugely, however the service cost for a poor quality PT may be identical to a highly qualified and experienced PT – which would you prefer to work with?

It is worth pointing out here that many trainers with basic qualifications may well be dedicated and capable fitness professionals. Trainers should be selected for their required skill set and experience by the client. 

Let’s look further into this problem…

The Great British Personal Training Whitewash – Industry Secrets

PT UK qualifications

Most personal trainers take a PT qualification, usually level 2 and 3 to begin working with clients. This is the minimum level they need in order to gain liability insurance.

Please be aware, there is currently no UK PT qualification regulation and anyone with/without a qualification or insurance can call themselves a PT and charge whatever they like for their services. Unpleasant idea..!

On a recent search we found 55 UK suppliers of PT level 2 and 3 qualifications ranging from Universities and colleges to private companies. The price range of the same course ranged from £595 to £2500. Most worrying of all the course length ranged from a staggering 8 DAYS to 12 weeks. For comparison an exercise or sports science degree takes 3 years to complete.

This shows that there is a huge variation in course delivery, student benefit and provider motive.

In our opinion this level of time in training can only skim the surface of the most basic theory and practices necessary to provide you, the client, with a satisfactory level of care. And let’s face it, for the handsome fee most trainers charge (regardless of skill level) perhaps a client should rightly expect more than satisfactory levels of care!

So what what should I ask my PT to find out if their course is worth the paper it is written on?

Training Secrets Revealed By Pete Fraser-Smith, Mayfair, London

PT courses – client check list

Firstly make sure your PT has both level 2 and 3 plus liability insurance. They should also has some first aid qualification.

The best providers are below:

  • ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine PT
  • NASAM, National Academy of Sports Medicine PT
  • YMCA, PT
  • HFI, PT

In our view these are the highest quality providers, however, ideally your PT will have a University degree in a fitness science area. A degree provides a firm theory base to give you, the client, the greatest level of background knowledge.

Should my PT have any extra skills?

We think so..! In addition to a sports degree we think your PT should also have a background in sport. How else can someone you are paying to progress your health and fitness understand the fitness progressions you will be experiencing. Participation and competition in sport provides your PT with a broad insight into matching their theory base

Also, it is worth pointing out that many PT’s will list a number of qualifications or coaching skill areas which have been attained with no more than a few hours of attendance on a seminar. These really should not be listed as C.V. worthy qualifications.

We hope that prospective PT clients will look between the lines when they choose a PT and select dependent upon qualification level that offers value for money.

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