I was unable to run for four years…

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I was unable to run for four years…

I was first attracted to Pete Fraser Fitness because of the central location. I very much liked the idea of a smaller intimate gym with one to one instruction.

The service is second to none – I have every confidence that I am in safe hands as Pete has a wealth of experience behind him and really ‘knows his stuff”, especially where rehab is concerned.

When I first joined, I had not been able to run for four years because of a knee problem, which could have resulted in surgery. However, with the help of Peter and his rehab techniques I was running again within three months. This was something I never expected. The benefits for me are not just from a fitness angle but also from a psychological point – he is often a sounding board and this really helps me relax and unwind.

It is great for one who needs personal and individual attention. During one’s session he is 100% focused on you.

Daniel Hersheson Founder, Daniel Hersheson Enterprises, International.