I have been with Pete from the beginning…

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I have been with Pete from the beginning…

I first met Pete when he was working in another gym and during the unexpected absence of the proprietor, Pete was asked to look after me.

I was so impressed by his charm and more particularly by his experience in working with someone like myself, in training me to become fitter and healthier, that when he told me he was moving to open his own gym, I said I would love to have the honour of being his first client. I was and I have subsequently been with him from the beginning.

Pete knows exactly how far to push me and to motivate me. He has got to know my body and what I can and cannot do and what is required to keep me fit. As a middle-aged businessman who just wants to keep healthy and fit, Pete has been the constant that has driven me and encouraged me to work hard at doing so, week in – week out.

I certainly feel much healthier and fitter as a result and I have certainly seen my body shape improve despite getting older.

Not only do I find chatting to Pete as I undergo each of the regular exercises, enjoyable but it also ensures that my mind is taken off the agony of pushing my body to its limit.

I would certainly recommend Pete to anyone like myself, as not only are you always welcomed and enthused by his personality but he certainly gets you fit, motivates you and ultimately pushes you to your personal best without any risk of challenge to one’s physical state.

Councillor Robert Davis MBE DL Director and Co-Head, Colliers, London