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inov-8 mudclaw 300 classic fell shoe

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inov-8 mudclaw 300 classic


It’s sometimes difficult to get round to trying all the new products and clothing on the market. To help you, Pete Fraser Fitness have selected their choice favourites to save you the trouble.

Sit back and relax in the comfort we’ve put these garments and accessories through their paces, in the gym and on the mountains!


At Pete Fraser Fitness we love running! We stretch our legs on roads, trail and especially fell – you’ll find us running in Mayfair and the mountains! If you fancy a change from roads or trail you’re going to need to swap those road shoes for some full on fell shoes if you want to stay on your feet! Here’s our top pick of performance all terrain shoes.


Inov-8 Mudclaw 300 classic – Unisex off Road Shoe

Planning an adventurous run this weekend? Heading out on the fells or serious trail? What shoes do you go for? Forget road or trail shoes, in the peak of winter you’re going to need something with heaps more grip, oh, and don’t forget responsive and light – we can recommend a pair of mudclaw 300’s!



Last tested during snow in January 2017 in the Peaks. The new 2020 model was tested on the Malvern Hils, winter 2020.


If you’re regular running is road, you’re going to notice a different feel when you don some fell shoes. Firstly the studs will feel different but you’ll be glad for them, they’re going to grip and help stop you face planting. Secondly the shape is more minimalist and the cushioning reduced compared to a road shoe. The design works on the terrain!

On with the shoes…

Inov-8 mudclaw 300

New for this latest 2020 version: More roomy than previous fits so probably sizes slightly large. Seems more cushioned than previous versions. Does not have the final lace lug at the ankle which is a downside. This is especially useful for keeping  shoe tight for descents.

There’s few things more pleasurable to a runner than donning a new pair of shoes.

A runner is engaged with their shoes like a pilot is engaged with their plane – they can feel every pressure, tightness and slip in and under the shoe.

Imagine binning old saggy shoes with worn down studs for new tight fitting beauties with aggressive, defined studs – oh bliss, they stick to the ground. Hello to running faster, more confidently and taking crazy descents without risking cartwheels!

Hello to running faster, more confidently and taking crazy descents without risking cartwheels!

On the run!

Inov-8 mudclaw 300

Early mudclaws felt overly grippy, to point of cumbersome, this has now been refined. The grip is functional and responsive with the pyramid shaped studs performing well on mud, rock and snow. Running on stone flags, the new studs build confidence with their tacky rubber feel. The slight sticky releasing noise on toe off is reassuring! A cheeky smile lights up on your face as you anticipate the adrenaline fueled descents to come!!

A cheeky smile lights up on your face as you anticipate the adrenaline fueled descents to come!!

The profile of the shoe has changed. The heal support has dropped – a good thing as early shoes were too high and agitated the calcaneal (achilles) tendon. The 6mm footbed is low enough to the ground to respond well to the terrain and provided good proprioceptive (sensation) feedback. The upper hugs the foot well with just enough support through the arch for a neutral runner.


On ascent, the shoe moves well. When up on the toes enough grip is available to generate forward momentum on wet grass and rock, the upper is supportive on the foot. Ascending loose rocks, the studs grip well and regains quickly from slips


This is where those gripy studs come into their own! Fast, confident, light and fun descending was had on snow, rock and wet grass. The heal digs in with great effect when needed and flat sole contact rarely slides. There is good grip in direction changes through the descent although the fit isn’t as tight as previous versions and does lack some of the secure feel of previous versions as a result.

Flat running – fast

Running fast on tracks, the shoe is light enough to take speed and responsive too but here the aggressive studs start to show their limitation and a faster shoe with a more linear stud pattern may respond better. Still, you can’t have everything in one shoe after all can you?

Overall review  

Inov-8 mudclaw 300

More cushioned and roomy than previous versions but lacks subsequently lacks the tight fitting capabilities of it’s older brothers. Studs of fun though, still gripy! A light and comfortable shoe, dries quickly after getting wet and will get you out of trouble when you most need it!

8.0 out of 10!

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