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Myth busters- Do Ab Crunches Reduce Stomach Fat?

Common question: if I do lots of abdominal crunches will it reduce the fat on my stomach?
Read our thoughts on how your body stores fat and what you can do to take control.

Answer: NO! What it will do (if you perform a variety of good quality abdominal and core moves) is help tone the abdominals/obliques to produce core strength and improve posture. It will not and cannot eliminate internal and external adipose (fat) tissue specifically in the abdominal area.

How do you reduce stomach fat? DEFINED ABS BEGIN IN THE KITCHEN!

Answer: the same way you reduce fat from the rest of the body, C.V. work of variable intensities, strength training and a healthy, controlled diet.

Note: we’re all different and hold our fat in slight variations: Some individuals hold fat more (endomorphs) than others (ectomorphs). Men hold fat around the stomach (android), women around the butt and hips (gynoid). You’ll find these areas will tone last so keep up the hard work to get results in these difficult areas.