Personal fitness training


1-1 Private Fitness Training

Pete Fraser Fitness exercises physiologists understand the fitness journey you are undertaking, whether you’re a competitive athlete or complete beginner. Enjoyment, achievement and progression are key to consistency in training and competitive sport. Our exercise physiologists possess unrivalled skills in the industry and are ready to take you to the next level.

Pete Fraser Fitness exercise physiologists will expertly adapt your training specifically for you. Our training approach commonly integrates a multi-discipline circuit training method with added training/rehab specifics built in where needed.

In addition to general fitness improvements including weight loss and conditioning for all abilities, we provide specialist training in:

  • all forms of running
  • strength & conditioning
  • kick boxing & martial arts

Specific exercise physiology includes: 

Weight Loss

Effective and proven methods to help you achieve the weight you desire in a professional and fun environment. Nutrition guidance and support completes the package.

Muscular Gain and Conditioning

Integrated methods of resistance training and Olympic lifting to develop muscular size, strength and power.

Strength Fitness

Sports Conditioning

Specialist exercise programming to develop strength, speed and power to excel in your sport. Coaching and readiness training for competition.

Kick Boxing

Stress relief and physical fitness including coordination, speed and power can be achieved from kick boxing training. A great cross-training option.


Our trainers can help you improve your strength and speed for running on road, trail or fell, short, middle or ultra-distance.

Directors’ Workout

Aimed at the board level executive who is time poor and requires the most effective approach to fitness.


Enjoy private 1 – 1 & 2 – 1 Vinyasa classes in your private Mayfair gym. You will find your class dynamic and energising. You will reconnect with your inner self and your body, leaving you with that delicious yoga high.

Each Restorative class takes you through a journey of deep relaxation, connecting you to your breath and your inner light, making you feel more Zen than ever!

Yoga at Pete Fraser Fitness

I usually hate going to the gym and don’t normally last longer than about 4 weeks, I have nearly done a year and now don’t feel myself if I have not worked out – Peter has certainly changed something in me – he had a very `softly softly` approach that didn’t make me run away. Luke Hersheson, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Hershesons, International

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