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Personal Training | Cirencester | Cotswolds

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Personal Training Cirencester Cotswolds – for that annoying muscular niggle or to acheive a new PB

Our expert Mayfair services delivered to you in and around the Cirencester area.

Pete Fraser Fitness exercise physiologists are available by appointment at your home, workplace or outdoor space. The experience and knowledge we deliver to you has been developed over 30 years in Harley Street clinics and our specialist Mayfair gym.

Pete Fraser Fitness trainers are university qualified, highly experienced and competitive athletes. Our fitness methods are proven and science based, providing you with the most effective route to fitness success in a fun and safe environment.

Personal Training, Cirencester, Cotswolds, Pete Fraser Fitness

Build the package from our services to best suit you:

  • Weight loss & body toning
  • Sports specific strength & conditioning
  • Exercise therapy for injury rehab. or prevention
  • Biomechanical & postural alignment
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Pre-natal

Pete Fraser Fitness specialises in fitness and health for the over 50’s, injury therapy and sport specific strength and conditioning.  Drop us an email to discuss you needs: Contact Us..!

Personal Training | Cirencester | Cotswolds

We offer you our Mayfair level service and dedication by appointment within the Cirencester area.

Injury Prevention

Strength and conditioning


Progressive Movement Therapy

Pete is a highly skilled fitness professional who provides a great work-out environment at Coach & Horses Yard, Mayfair. Most recently he has helped in my recovery from knee replacement surgery with a carefully structured rehabilitation regime.   I lead a hectic life but it’s vital to find time for exercise – and Pete’s flexible approach makes it possible.    So it’s top marks for a top team – and a great dog!   John Burns, CEO Derwent London

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