Cooked sardines

Our recommended Top food No. 3 – Sardines


These small oily fish are excellent food sources of nutrients important for health and sport. They can be bought fresh which is always the ideal but if using canned fish, opt for a spring water or olive oil mix.

We advocate a balanced healthy diet for our clients and foods rich in omega fats need to be included.

Nutritional background:

Sardines are high in protein, essential omega fats and minerals.


Scientific studies have found 1 – 2 g of fish oil per day can improve cardiovascular function and general exercise performance. Other positive effects: reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness, lowering of blood pressure and improved blood flow.

Selected nutrient content for 2 sardines (approx 24g) –

Energy: 50 kcal

Macro nutrient: protein 5.9g, carbs 0g, fat total: 2.7g, sat 0.4g, mono 0.9g, poly unsat 1.2g

Micro nutrient (daily values): Vit D 16%, B12, 36%, Cal 9%, Phos 12%, Sel 18%

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