Motivation to exercise - what provides the motivation to train?

Motivation to exercise – what provides the motivation to train?

Motivation to exercise – what provides the motivation to train?

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These reasons are many:

  • Health improvement
  • Aesthetic development
  • Good old fashioned weight loss
  • Sport performance and competition
  • Mental health
  • Social integration

…are some of the main reasons people undertake exercise.

Here are our insights into why we and our clients chose to take up exercise….


Motivation to exercise – what provides the motivation to train?

Take the Pete Fraser Fitness team – what motivated us to exercise?

We are professional sport and exercise scientists, all our trainers at Pete Fraser Fitness have undertaken sport to a high level. To progress in sport we have all supplemented our training with cross-training plus strength and conditioning to enhance our primary sports.

Competition is the main reason most of our team undertake exercise. .

The reason competitive sport appeals to us, are the underlying feelings it give: advancement, development, improvement, satisfaction and social interaction. These can be enjoyed at any level of exercise but the effect is enhanced when sport is taken to a more serious level.

The underlying psychology for taking exercise/competing for us, is the improved feeling it gives.


Motivation to exercise – what provides the motivation to train?

How about our clients, what motivates them to start training with us?

After 30 years in the industry, we hear the majority of motivations that push clients to exercise.

The reason is usually fairly simple: they are carrying too much body fat, do not raise their heart rates very often and hold poor postures. Together these issues make people feel lethargic, stiff and unhappy. Motivation for our clients mostly is to feel better, less sluggish and happier.

As we touched on in our previous post: Why do you exercise? most of our clients simply want to feel better about themselves and reconnect with their bodies.

Our clients are a high powered bunch who have often neglected their health in favour of their profession and family life. Something has to make way within time constraints of life and its usually exercise. This deficit is normally picked up around the age of 45 to 50 when business success is reached, children are growing up and the gaps in health are noted!

Lets not underestimate the power of simply looking good in the mirror. As professionals in sport and exercise we promote health over aesthetics. But, whatever makes people get off their backsides and increase their heart rates is good enough for us. In our view there are more useful things to do in a gym than stare at a six-pack in a mirror but call us old fashioned.

Whatever it takes for you to start exercise we are all in favour of it. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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