Pete Fraser Fitness and Esquire, Amateur to Athlete in 10 weeks

Intro – Total turnaround fitness plan – amateur to athlete in 10 weeks

Welcome to our special series – total fitness turnaround – amateur to athlete in 10 weeks

Will Hersey, our “game” editor from Esquire magazine begins his epic 10 week fitness turnaround plan on Monday 18th January! Ever wondered what an athlete feels like? Now’s your chance! Join Will in his epic 10 week adventure, guided by our sports scientist trainers.

Need to shape-up for the beach, fast? Want to boost your fitness after the Christmas break? Or just eager to see how much fitness can be gained in 10 weeks? Follow our 10 week plan for total metabolic turnaround. This athlete training regime is not going to be easy but it will get results – up for the challenge? First release: Monday 18th January.

Follow Will’s Olympian scheduled training with Pete Fraser Fitness. The sports scientist trainers at Pete Fraser Fitness will be taking Will through his paces during 10 hard weeks of programmed fitness training and nutritional planning – see what can be achieved when the true experts take over.

Look out for weekly updates released on Monday mornings.

First release: Monday 18th January