Exercise Physiology or personal training

Exercise Physiology or Personal Training

Exercise Physiology or Personal Training

Do you know the difference between an exercise physiologist and a personal trainer?  No, then read on.

It’s the same choice as this…

New Aston Martin or Ford Fiesta, both the same price, which would you choose?

Personal trainers are everywhere. There is a gym on every street corner. But are you, the client getting simple value for money from your gym/personal trainer?

At Pete Fraser Fitness all our fitness training staff are exercise physiologists and sports scientists, the highest level of expert available.


Welcome to the Pete Fraser Fitness table of reckoning – at a glance decision making for choosing your fitness professional


Exercise PhysiologistPersonal Trainer
Type of qualificationUniversity degreeShort course
Length of course3 years undergraduate, 2 masters6, 8 or 12 week courses
Course contentIn depth physiological study. Scientific fitness testing in the laboratory. Anatomical and biomechanical study. Sports psychological and applied nutrition add-on likely. Basic anatomy and exercise prescription. Basic training principles.
Dissertation1 year specialism None
Laboratory testing and assessmentProfessional sports fitness testing protocols and in depth assessments for physiological data gathering and interpretationNone
Understanding and interpretation In depth understanding of human biological systems and their responses to exercise stressLimited, basic and shallow knowledge of basic human physiology

Who would you prefer to select as your fitness trainer?

The points above form the basis of the choice you as a client are faced with.

Most gyms offer:

  • shinny new dumbbells
  • glitzy websites
  • musclebound chaps with “personal trainer” written on their back (just in case they forget what their occupation is, hence they can check in the mirror)

These points distract you from this simple fact, probably 95% of “personal trainers” do not have a firm grasp on basic physiology and anatomy.

If you require an exercise professional, seek out an exercise physiologist or a sports scientist.

Don’t pay for a Ford Fiesta when you can have an Aston Martin for the same price!

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