Pete Fraser Fitness and Esquire, Amateur to Athlete in 10 weeks

Amateur to athlete in 10 weeks – RESULTS

RESULTS: What did the Amateur to athlete program achieve?

Will Hersey, our “game” editor from Esquire magazine has completed the 3rd and final phase or mesocycle of his epic 10 week fitness turnaround plan! Lets see if his epic 10 week adventure has turned him into an athlete.


Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Keep reading to see the final weight reductions, body fat %, strength and C.V. increases and the all important before and after pics!

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Amateur to Athlete – be the best you can be

Will Hersey training




Will’s stats: wk 1, 4, 7 and now 10

Aerobic fitness

Week 10 Amateur to Athlete results fitness

Let’s review: All Will’s cardiovascular fitness and general health tests have continued to improve. He is now a far more efficient athlete. His heart, lungs and complete respiratory system is greatly improved and capable of performing faster, longer and at a higher intensity. His Vo2 max level (an aerobic fitness marker) is now off the recreational or general population normative data scale and into that of an athlete.

Body shape and size

Week 10 Body shape and size results

Let’s review: Will’s total body weight has reduced by a total of 2 stones, that’s 28 lb of body weight in 10 week!, A huge reduction in a short space of time! A significant proportion of this can be attributed to a large reduction in body fat which has reduced by nearly 10%!  As you can see all his body circumference measurements have reduced and his body shape is far leaner and more toned as a result. A waist reduction of 5.5 inches – unfortunately Will needs to shop for new trousers!

body weight has reduced by a total of 2 stones!


Pete Fraser Fitness - Week 10 Strength Results

Let’s review: We’ve seen something interesting happen: his total strength has either been maintained or increased but his functional strength (important for a track or field athlete) is significantly improved. Will is now a master of his own body, he can press, support and lift his own body weight competently and with endurance, not an easy task – ultimately his power-to-weight ratio has increased and he is an all-round fitter and stronger athlete as a result.


Here’s the pics as promised.

These are raw, unfiltered, 100% genuine images taken on our phone camera at 1 and 10 weeks.

Final picsfinal pics

So after 10 weeks Will has performed under the strict guidance of the Pete Fraser Fitness team and results speak for themselves. He is the athlete we promised.

At Pete Fraser Fitness the emphasis of any training programme we design has a functional goal in mind: to perform better in your sport or indeed to live a healthier, fitter life. If however you happen to look great as a by-product, well we can help that I’m afraid!

Here’s to your health and fitness!

The team at Pete Fraser Fitness hope you have enjoyed taking part and following the Amateur to Athlete program. If you would like to boost your health and fitness like never before and you have what it takes to commit to the program get in touch..Amateur to Athlete