Pete Fraser Fitness and Esquire, Amateur to Athlete in 10 weeks

Amateur to athlete in 10 weeks – weekly update – week 2

Amateur to athlete in 10 weeks – weekly update – week 2

Will Hersey, our “game” editor from Esquire magazine continues his epic 10 week health and fitness turnaround guided by the Pete Fraser Fitness sports scientist trainers.

Continue reading to find out how Will is performing and for training and nutrition updates…

How`s Will finding the nutrition: “”Nutrition has been the hardest part. I’ve enjoyed the meal planning and prep which is very necessary given the restrictions, but have been very surprised at the hunger which has been pretty constant. It’s probably particularly hard given what my body was used to at Christmas and I’m hoping it starts to get more used to it this week””.

We say: Will is finding the nutrition challenging due to  the reduced calorie intake causing him to feel energy depleted. He is finding nutrition planning an important point to make sure all meals fit into the prescribed quality and quantity criteria. As his metabolism adapts the hunger will regulate and subside.

And the exercise: “Training has been good and enjoyed it though feels like the trainers are only settling me in and checking me out in week one so I expect next week to be much tougher! My own heart rate zone exercising has been a little strange as have ended up walking around the park instead of jogging in order to stay in the zone which feels counterintuitive to getting fit, especially when I’ve wanted to push on”.

We say: At the moment he is finding it taxing but doable. The Pete Fraser Fitness team are training Will at the correct intensities which develops results more effectively even though in the early stages this may feel counterintuitive.

Will’s first physiological stat check will be at the end of the 1st mesocycle: 3 weeks time

View the current training and nutrition guides on the PDF’s at the bottom of the page.



NUTRITION If you are following our fitness plan you are currently in a depletion phase where calorific intake is low. Your body is undergoing a physiological adaptation to restructure its energy needs consuming its energy mostly from stored fat. “Quality” calories are available from the nutrition plan in the form of complex carbohydrates, protein and unsaturated fats. Refined/added sugar and saturated fat have largely been omitted and the body is being forced to “correct” its metabolism. Stick with the nutrition plan and the lethargy and sugar cravings will reduce as your metabolism begins to adapt it`s efficiency. Enough protein, quality carbs and micronutrients are available to repair and maintain your body. 

“Stick with the nutrition plan and the lethargy and sugar cravings will reduce as your metabolism begins to adapt its efficiency”

EXERCISE The first week will hopefully not have been too taxing due to the low intensity and minimal resistance start points. We need to start gradually to prepare the CV and the musculoskeletal  system for the challenges to come. Be sure to maintain the correct levels of resistance during weights sessions and heart rate level during CV work to exercise effectively. We need to apply a leash at the moment to all you raring stallions! 

  • We’re pushing up to 65 -75% of 1 rep max load on resistance sessions
  • Now increase sets from 2 to 3 as the neurological (brain-muscle) connections improve

Now let’s revise the plan – Amateur to athlete – read on….

Week 2 – Nutrition – essentials

What does this nutritional plan do for you?

“The nutritional plan is designed to support the requirements for the programme including: fat loss, muscular hypertrophy, energy needs and micronutrient provision. As a rule, the aim is to omit refined and processed foods and drinks as much as possible. To form a healthy eating pattern and provide correct quality and quantity of nutrients.”

Strike out:

  • Alcohol, sugary drinks, fruit juice
  • Sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, sugar, cream and full fat products
  • White/refined: bread, pasta and rice

Keep in:

  • Carbs: brown/unrefined: bread, oats, rice, rice and oat cakes
  • Copious amounts of vegetables and salad
  • Protein: chicken, turkey, tuna, white fish, eggs, tofu, quinoa, couscous, lentils, beans
  • Water, lots of water, up to 3 ltrs a day and good quality coffee and tea if you must
  • 2/3 portions of fruit per day
  • Small amounts of nuts and dried fruit


  • Split the ‘keep in’ section into 3 small meals and 2 snacks per day. Carbs + protein at each meal except dinner where we omit carbs
  • Reduce carbs after approx. 15:00 hrs and omit them for dinner (“we didn’t say no carbs”)
  • Exercise on an empty stomach (except 1/4 banana 15 mins before training)

Click on the image below for a sample lunch menu

Pete Fraser Fitness 10 Week Nutrition Plan

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Week 2 – Exercise – essentials: Preparatory phase – 4 week phase to ready the body for the hard work to come.

What does this preparatory exercise phase do for you?

“The first phase strengthens the muscular system, especially core muscles ready for resistance and complexity increases in phase 2. The C.V. system is prepared by maintaining correct heart rate levels during training to familiarize cardiac and muscular physiology.”

Pete Fraser Amateur to Athlete Week1




C.V.:  cycle 5 miles or run 2 miles @ 65 – 75 % heart rate max (HR max).

(Use a heart rate monitor to guide exercise intensity. Train between 65 – 75% of HR max (HOW TO WORK OUT HEART RATE TRAINING ZONES: work out HR max: 220 – age, then calculate desired HR % training zone)

Mon and Fri:  leg emphasis: 5 exercises, rep range 10 – 20.
Wed: upper body emphasis: 6 exercises, rep range 6 – 16.
Each session starts with 5 min easy warm-up, mobility stretches and finishes with core.

Active rest: easy pace activity for 45 – 60 mins, jog, cycle, stretch, yoga, swim

Click on the image below to view the programme training cycles 

Pete Fraser Fitness Amateur to Athlete Part 2

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