Specialist Personal Training | Mayfair | London

Pete Fraser Fitness exclusively and discreetly delivers a range of high quality services to clients in Mayfair and St. James’s. Our clientele ranges from Royalty to the wealthiest and most powerful people in the UK but we pride ourselves on delivery the same quality service to all our clients.

We provide many specialist services under one roof allowing our clients to benefit from a complete package. Oh, we have a sense of humour too. The Pete Fraser Fitness boutique is conveniently located in Mayfair. You’ll find it private, comfortable and fully equipped helping us to provide you with all the support you’ll need to realise your health and fitness goals.

The Pete Fraser Fitness method is highly successful, it has proved that our special combination of fitness, nutrition and prehabilitation delivers the smartest health benefits for our clients.


Inspiration plays an important role in any fitness journey and in our eyes your trainer needs to be intuitive to your needs. Our trainers’ competitive background in sport provides this inspiration. They also understand the fitness journey you are undertaking, whether you’re a competitive athlete or complete beginner. Enjoyment, achievement and progression are key to consistency in training and competitive sport. Our trainers will integrate these elements to help you maintain your training and achieve your goals.

Pete Fraser Fitness trainers will expertly adapt your training depending upon your needs and goals. Our training approach commonly integrates a multi-discipline circuit training workout and we find this method most effective.

In addition to general fitness improvements including weight loss and conditioning for all abilities, we provide specialist training in: all forms of running, resistance training, kick boxing and martial arts.


At Pete Fraser Fitness we get our kicks from helping you live healthily.

Health services we provide:

  • Injury prevention (known as prehabilitation) – Stop an injury developing before it starts and improve sport performance and health
  • Rehabilitation – Recover to full fitness and sport post-injury.
  • Massage and soft tissue release – Improve muscular functioning and reduce injury risk.
  • Nutritional guidance – Develop the correct fuel plan to improve fitness, sport performance and health.

Amateur to Athlete

The ultimate 10 week turnaround fitness and health programme.

The closest you are likely to get to a professional athlete’s training regime and the closest you will feel to an athlete’s fitness level.

This accelerated 10 week total turnaround programme is the ultimate fitness, health and nutrition package available in the UK: a comprehensive and intensive programme covering all aspects of diet and exercise, expertly trained and guided by our specialist sport scientist trainers in our Mayfair gym.

Pete Fraser Fitness services - Amateur to Athlete Programme