Fitness classes

Personal Training Classes for Small Groups | Mayfair | London

All Abilities | 30 min | Complete Body Workout

3 Guys + 1 Trainer = Lots of Fun

3 guys + 1 trainer personal training classes at Pete Fraser Fitness are a fun way to share the exclusivity of our private gym with your friends. Enjoy a complete body work-out in the convenience and luxury of our Mayfair space.

  • Personally trained small groups of 3
  • Private changing

Come dressed to sweat and ready to work!

Old School Circuits

Get ready for a class were you’ll get back to basics – lots of exercise variations including body weights, med balls, resistance, aerobics with constant changes and variations to keep the class buzzing and fun. A hard 30 min class where you’ll work to the max.

£25 per person per class

Personal training classes

Hardcore H.I.I.T. Class

There will be little rest in this class! A 30 min sweat shop of body weight exercise, resistance training, CV, kick boxing and core. You’ll work your whole body and all the fitness systems in this fun but highly challenging class.

£25 per person per class

HIIT fitness classes

Yoga | Private 1 – 1 & 2 – 1

Enjoy private Vinyasa yoga classes in our exclusive Mayfair gym. Dynamic and energising but promoting a connection with your inner self and body. You will be left with that delicious yoga high!

Each Restorative class takes you through a journey of deep relaxation, connecting you to your breath and your inner light, making you feel more Zen than ever!

£90 per person per class

£110 per 2 people per class

Yoga at Pete Fraser Fitness